Construction of retaining walls on the terrain

Hello everybody!
I create retaining walls along the road, in those places where it is necessary.
I had a problem with undercutting the terrain with retaining walls.

This part of the script is responsible for creating the road.

The principle of the construction of retaining walls consists in the fact that on the borders of the road, fathers are created, which are projected onto the terrain. Next, the length between the points is measured and sorted. The minimum length between points is set here.

In the next step, the lengths are sorted according to the direction of their vectors (that is, those above the road level and below).

Next, the geometry of the retaining walls is created.

It is important that the angle of relief cutting should be 45 degrees. Therefore, I create a vector from points on the edges of the road and retaining walls at an angle of 45 degrees, and at the intersection of the vectors with the relief, I find points.

I also found a C# script that creates a mesh based on points that lie on the faces of the road and retaining walls and points on the terrain.

The problem is that when creating a relief cut, the relief is not correctly connected to the retaining walls.
If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please help.
Thank you

retaining walls.3dm (871.6 KB)
retaining (121.7 KB)

You are using some plugins and so I can’t test your code.
Also, are you using a pirated copy of Rhino?
(And you should buy a windows licence…)

What does my version of the rhino have to do with my question?
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I don’t have a politic opinion. At all. At wars, or whatever other matter.
Also, we are not in a generic forum, but the very official one, McNeel.
Coming here without a genuine install is… “odd”. (And that might be also why nobody replied yet…)

Anyway, my first comment was:

Can you attach a working copy of your problem without plugins?

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This is an open forum that does not require identification by license number. If a person does not have a rhinoceros and reads this forum, is it also strange?
The part of the script that I downloaded seems to have no third-party plugins. There is only C# code that I found on the forum.
Thank you

By the way, this is not a commercial script. I am creating it to restore destroyed cities, after I finish it, I will offer it to the city council, to speed up the development of projects. It includes a complex of analyzes (wind flows, water flows, solar analysis), creates a relief based on horizontal lines, creates existing trees on the terrain, creates a construction model on the terrain, creates a road with normative dimensions on the terrain, creates retaining walls, calculates the volume of land mass

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See my last question.

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2023-08-02 11_22_44-Window
2023-08-02 11_22_58-Window

Aaaah! exactly)
They can be ignored

2023-08-02 11_34_43-Window
I’m not able to recreate what you shown in your screenshots… there are clusters with missing plugins inside, it’s hard to dig where something went wrong…
(that’s why I told you this in my first comment…)

You probably need to download the “pufferfish” plugin