Help design accent wall on Rhino

Hi i am new to the program and I’ve spent hours researching videos online of how to make this. I work in the construction field and i make these accent walls but I’ve always done everything by had and never really had anything to present to a client i don’t need anything fancy to present i just need to show them what a design would look like also if there’s a way to figure out measurements if i have the size of the wall that way on build day it makes it a bit easier and i know how much material id need. Below is a image of someone online i saw that does the same line of work but that’s the only thing they showed i tried reaching out to them but they wont answer to help, the picture under that is the work i do so you have a better understanding if anyone can pleasseeeeeeee help i would greatly appreciate it!

In its simplest form I’d say you need these tools:

_Line, _Rectangle
_Offset / _OffsetMultiple

All those are well explained in Rhino Level 1 manual and probably the user guide in the first chapters.
For example:

wow that is exactly what id have to do!!!