Retaining joined meshes texture coordinates - how?

I have 2 mesh objects with custom planar mapping applied to each of them (same material).
When I join them, the mapping gets messed up. How do I make the resulting mesh vertices to remember the original texture coordinates?

Or - how to embed/bake the custom texture coordinates applied via mapping widget to the mesh vertices?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Answering my own question for now - the workaround I found is to export the meshes to *.obj format and bring them back - the texture coordinates are ‘baked in’ then.
I wonder if there is a way in Rhino to do it without resorting to this trick…

I don’t think there is but agree it would be useful. @andy do you know?

Hi @BrianJ, I think it would make sense to be a sticky option with ExtractRenderMesh command… at least I would find it very useful and logical. thanks

Agreed… I filed this feature request for future reference

great - thanks Brian

Any progress on this issue? Rhino 7, but still the same problem.

Hello - you can check the bug track item linked above to track progress, if any, on any public bug… this one seems not to have been addressed yet…