Bake textures and export as OBJ



I have a polysurface which I’ve texture mapped in rhino. I would like to export this geometry into for example Cinema4d via OBJ format, and have the texture coordinates retained. I was under the impression I could do this:

  1. use Bake command in Rhino, save the texture
  2. Select the geometry and export as OBJ with texture coordinates.
  3. Open in cinema, assign texture using the UVW coordinates of the object.

However this does not work for me. Whenever the conversion form NURBS to Mesh is done (either via Mesh command or ExtractRenderMesh, the texture coordinates are lost. Is this the way it’s supposed to work?

Best regards

  • Björn


Actally, now I had more success using this workflow instead:

  1. Export object as OBJ directly
  2. Use the same texture file as I used when projecting in Rhino.


(Brian James) #3

Hi Bjorn,

I also Export obj or 3ds directly in Rhino per selection rather than saving the whole file as obj. This lets me customize the poly count and initial quads per object making animation and renders in poly modelers much cleaner. These file formats will use the UV info so it’s then just a matter of assigning the correct texture as you found.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Brian, why wouldn’t assigning a baked texture also work?


(Brian James) #5

Sounds like it should work. I’ll have to test it to see if something’s not working right.


A little bit offtopic: doe’s the Rhino bake command work like expected now, is the bad quality fixed? In the past I found that the tools quality isn’t worth to use it.
Like to see at the examples here there are lines around the UV islands, breaks between surfaces are visible:

Also there was the problem that Rhino create different scaled/stretched UV islands per packed textures. The problems was reported months/years before. Is there any progress? If not, than this tool maybe not the right way for Björn.

Often I use the OBJ export-import to “burn in” the UV from the mapping tools to meshes to get them rock solid.

(Andrew le Bihan) #7

Yesz, all of these issues have been greatly improved upon.


Great, thank you.