Joining mesh with colour

I have several coloured meshes generated from point clouds, which I have imported into Rhino as .obj files. Using the ‘join’ command stitched these meshes together but seems to alter the colours - this seems to be applying one of the jpegs associated with a single mesh to the joined mesh. Is there any way to keep the colours from single meshes and join them together?

I have found a script on this forum that is meant to do this, but the colour is stripped from the mesh and just displays as the layer colour.


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sadly no, since each mesh is color mapped and has its own uv set, when you alter it by joining it to another mesh, you alter the uv’s and the image maps get lost as to where they go and what gets mapped to what.

@nathanletwory may have ideas about a workaround-

For now you’re probably best of using a different tool to preserve for instance UV mapping information. Maybe Blender could work?

ah ok thank you. I might give Blender a try. I have found that if the mesh is created with vertex colours, Rhino retains these fine when joining coloured meshes.