Resthopper hand back wrong values

Hello everybody,
I encountered a strange Resthopper behaviour by trying to pass back a simple value (double) to python 3.7. The .ghx file contains a Ghpython component that calculates points inside Nurbscurves.

I also tried to retrieve grasshopper points; in this case, just 3 out of 100 could be passed.

Can someone give me a hint where the error might lay?

python code:

import compute_rhino3d.Brep
import rhino3dm
import requests
import base64
import json

import compute_rhino3d.Util
import compute_rhino3d.Grasshopper as gh

compute_rhino3d.Util.authToken = ""
compute_rhino3d.Util.url = ""

model = rhino3dm.File3dm()

# create list of input trees
ax1 = gh.DataTree("RH_IN:AX1")
ax1.Append([0], [20.0,30.0,600.0])
trees = [ax1]

output = gh.EvaluateDefinition('optimization.ghx', trees)

optimization.ghx (602.3 KB)

I have found a solution. Some Grasshopper components caused the trouble :slight_smile: