Script or command for reseting all cplanes?

Is there a script or command to reset all cplanes to world default?

you could macro out something like this

set cplane to top in a viewport, probably best to use perspective, run SyncronizeCplanes select World and select the view you just change to top.

it will reset all to all cplanes to the world coordinate system.

The _4View command run twice in a row will reset all views plus CPlanes to default.

Oh right - you told me that. But I don’t want the default 4-view setup. I guess I can run it twice and then import my regular views.

I guess the difficulty might be that if you have changed your views from the default setup, Rhino might not be able to know what CPlane is supposed to be set there…

Hmm, I’m wondering if importing views from from a file also sets CPlanes in those views. In that case, that might be the only thing necessary.

It seems to. So I’ll just make a macro thus:
-readviewportsfromfile “S:\rhino\Template Files\V7 inch.3dm”

Thanks! It’s not perfect, but close enough.