Requests: Osnap option, contour, variable offset in GH and viewport

Hello everyone, I have some maybe simple(?) requests for rhino 7 that i think it would make things more pratical

Osnap option face so it would be able to drag with gumball and snap it to a surface/face (something like sketchup)

Contour flow along curve so the “direction” imput of the command could be a curve to make the contour. (eg: make a radial contour on a torus )

Variable filletedge command in grasshopper, since it can only make a unique arc to all edges.

Make a build-in rhinoceros window option on GH so i don’t need to use 2 or 3 screens. (if it could be the whole rhinoceros panel it would be great too).

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why? i thought it was serengheti because are wishes for “gh2”

Serengeti is primarily a Rhino future forum.

Also you mixed wishes for both Rhino and grasshopper so it’s difficult to categorise this post.

Not as easy as you might think in a way that would be a default behavior. (remember gh components should be able to handle most conditions thrown at it in an expected way, this problem doesn’t have one solution but has many subjective solutions) How far does the contour plane go? Does it intersect the other side of the torus? or is there some kind of local bounding rectangle that becomes the plane? This all would get much more difficult on more complex shapes.

Was that part of the Rhino or the Grasshopper portion of the wishlist? I thought it was Rh…

I think the problems would be the same either way, too many possible conditions to be an automatic thing (command or component).

all was commented means for grasshopper no rhino on those requests