Digital Fabricator's tools wishlist for Rhino 8

There are a number of tasks that I do routinely as a fabricator/CNC programmer in Rhino that I wish were easier and/or better. Here’s a short list of wishes for Rhino 8 (and maybe Grasshopper 2):

  1. If curve offset algorithms are as difficult to make reliable as they seem to be, can we get a single command in Rhino to convert curves to a high-resolution polyline and offset it using the very reliable algorithm used by the Clipper plug in for Grasshopper? Maybe even a command that uses polyline conversion in the middle of the process but outputs a rebuilt curve that’s still pretty accurate?

  2. Can we get a minimal bounding box command, with options to fix one plane of the box so it’s parallel to the XY, XZ or YZ plane?

  3. Can the Silhouette command be improved so that it outputs single closed curves for the object outline and holes in the object?

  4. Can we get a grasshopper player components that allow us to both select Rhino objects for processing based on their attributes and also assign attributes to the objects we’re baking back to Rhino (color and layer, in particular, are very useful for automating CNC programming).

There might already be a plugin for grasshopper that lets you code in layer components, ill double check tho

I’m still looking on the food for rhino website right now, I just forgot the name of it so its a bit difficult to find

I haven’t been able to find this in a format that’s compatible with grasshopper player. And it really needs to be native. It’s a basic function.