Multi directional contour

I was working with contour tool and thought how wonderful it will be and how helpful it will be if we can use multiple direction points to contour our objects in different directions in one go in RHINO. What does others thinks about this? pls let me know. :slight_smile:

Hi -

That sounds like something that you’d use Grasshopper or a script for.

can you sketch up an example? a typical user case? you know that you can use Cutplane similar?

Not everyone is good in grasshopper as it needs a lots and lots of practice. people who use only rhino for designing like me. and their must be a lots of people like me who are more comfortable using rhino than grasshopper. what’s your views on this?

Practise more or hire someone.

Yes I know about Cutplane but isn’t it a time taking process? have a tool can save lots of time, Don’t you think that? The example you gave works but think, for example its wavy model like this and you want to contour it with the direction the curve is flowing without the curves intersecting each other. Isn’t it time taking process. And having a tool makes it easy? Must share your views and if their is some tools already for it which I don’t know. Btw Thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

i am having trouble envisioning how an automated tool will help you here without having to fiddle around pretty hard to program the directions.

regarding cut plane, that was actually a dumb suggestions, sorry, you should use the command section.

something like FlowAlongSrf / FlowAlongCrv ?
Contours will follow the curve path?

Don’t say sorry, and to be very Honest I am the one who should be saying sorry for asking such a dumb question.

rhino has quite a few commands which if not used regularly can slip in the memory to the 2nd row :smiley:

i would maybe see follow UV as an option for your exact example, but that would be confined to UV oriented surfaces of course which make sense in this case. polysurfaces then would need a different approach, assuming such a geometry you show now would consist out of omniderectionl polysurfaces that would make that pretty hard to initiate… but then again quadremesh has some retopolizing magic which could maybe be harnested, idk, i guess it might be possible.

right now in this example you could use ExtractIsocurve. in case you have some intestines to be contoured you could use the extraced isocurves to make planar srf and intersect. yeah yeah i know a bit fiddly.