Requests commands "Fin" and "array"

  • Command “Extrude curve normal to the surface”: you could add the ability to run an extrusion for more than a curve?

  • Command “Array”:
    If you want to execute a rectangular array of a circle or of an ellipse, for example, and wanted that the elements of the series is touched at a point (in this case, the tangent point), how to do? (You could trigger a snap that allows within the command to attach the elements between them).

or I want the elements of the series will touch on these points:


before starting the _Array command, select the object to array and run _BoundingBox. When you now start the _Array command and entered the number along X and Y and Rhino asks for the cell spacing, pick the lower left and upper right corner of the bounding box to get what you want.


It would be more practical if during the command you could hook at the top or sides.
It would avoid an extra step.


maybe just an option _UseBounds which pops up in the commandline when the cell spacing is asked for.

@pascal this sounds like a useful feature what do you think ?


Hi Clement - I think @dale has some fancy stuff like that slow-cooking in the back room for the array tools.


great, only the chef knows when it`s well-done :wink:


Regarding the “Fin” command, you may add the possibility of extrude more curves on the surface?

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