Request: split multiple curves by points

When I draw inlay patterns for guitar fingerboards and pegheads the designs are often complex with many inter-connected shapes made of different shells. Because shell comes in rectangular blanks that are often too small for an individual part, or in order to highlight certain sections of the design, I often need to create parting lines in the design and use separate pieces of shell for each side. The parting line is duplicated, the curves are closed and arranged on shell blanks and the separate shell blanks go to appropriate CAM layers. I much prefer to close the curves before I move them to separate blanks and export to CAM layers rather than duplicate and move the parting line separately.

Here is an illustration of the typical workflow:

The problem is this makes editing the parting line a bit of a chore. I want to be able to go to the overall drawing and split the parting line for both pieces at the same time by “points”, snapping to the ends of the parting line. But currently the “points” option is not available for splitting multiple curves. Would it be possible for this to be changed so points can be used to split multiple lines simultaneously?

i think i did not understand your request well… i have 2 hunches, one is that you use the command CloseCrv to close the open curves, or you use CurveBoolean to create closed curves on the run… sorry if that does not help anything, but i am really having trouble understanding your idea…

could you try to elaborate on a more abstract basis?

split circle.3dm (58.4 KB)
Here is a very simple example. The attached file consists of 2 closed polylines. I want to be able to select the ends of the straight lines with 2 end snaps and split both closed polylines at the same time. Since both closed polylines share these 2 endpoints they can each be split 1 at a time this way. But if both polylines are selected at the same time I do not currently have the option to split by “point”.

Split Circle

This can be scripted relatively easily, I think… I’m in the middle of a bunch of stuff today, but I will have a look.

Thanks Mitch!

Actually I already had a script in my library to do that, but when I tested it with your simple circle example, it only split one of the two parts. I tried tracking down the error, think I found it, so try this one out and let me know if it works for you. (3.3 KB)

Just finished splitting out about 30 sets of co-incident parting lines at 1 time to create 1 continuous pocket. Every set split exactly as expected. Thanks @Helvetosaur!!!