Idea/Wish : ExtractSubObjects

Unless there is already a way to do it, I thought it could be helpful to be able to extract selected SubObjects.
I was poking around and actually was surprised there is no way to do it in Rhino now (tried explode while selecting them, or cut-paste - these don’t work). While there is a command already to extract surface from a polysurface, and somehow clunky ExtractSubCrv (why only one curve at a time?), maybe there would be a way to add a command ExtractSubObjects, where all currently selected SubObjects would became stand-alone objects? It would be particularly helpful with selecting multiple curve segments without the whole splitting by points dance…




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Hi Jarek - that seems reasonable, useful and possibly possible too. I assume there would be a Copy=Yes/No option on there too, right?


Hi Pascal,

Yes, I think copy yes/no would be useful, too. Also the question is how to handle adjacencies like a few polyline segments or polysurf faces - my vote would be to keep them joined where possible…

I stumbled upon this need to extract subselection objects in the past a few times, but recently saw this post by Abraham and it would be a good use case scenario: to extract line segments instead of splitting (he basically needs to select multiple overlapping closed curves segments and separate them from the main curves):



This indeed would be a very welcome addition. Recently I have been wishing for it almost every session I have with Rhino 7. The workarounds I’ve tried are very painful and complex for such a useful thing.

i subselect objects and alt + translate with gumball 1 unit (create copy) and then return 1 unit in the same direction. in another post there was a discussion why copying with gumball with 0 input does not create any copy while it should logically.

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interesting trick… thx for sharing Ivan.
But it only copies the objects (which in many cases is helpful, too), we need a way to also extract them form the main objects.


aha sorry i disinterpreted that in my head. your goal is to detach it from the main object and not duplication.

i sign under the request for such command (extractsubobjects).

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