Split at point for multiple curves

Hi McNeel
A thing that has always bothered me with Rhino, that for some reason hasn’t been put into words during the last 20+ years of Rhino’ing, is the fact that Split can’t handle multiple curves when using the Point option. Is there a (good) reason why? Or is there a command that I’m ignoring? I’d love to be able to select 2+ curves and then just call Split, select the Point option and click away using osnaps.
TIA, Jakob


@pascal - can you find out if there’s a reason (difficulty in programming, oversight etc.) for this, or is it something that could be optimized/changed for V7 (or V8)?
TIA, Jakob

I think the main obstacle is that the current function “GetPointOnCurve” constrains the pick to one curve at a time. I imagine a multi-curve constraint could be added.

Otherwise I can imagine a couple of workarounds, such as going through a selection of curves serially one by one…

@Normand - what is the scenario? Do you want Split to let you pick repeatedly on different selected curves using Point, or do you want to split multiple intersecting curves all at once with one point selection… I suspect the former, though my first instinct was the latter…


I have something more or less hacked together for the first scenario (multiple curves, multiple points)… Hang on a few, just need to check some stuff.

OK, here is a first attempt… The only thing I can’t do is - as mentioned above - constrain the pick points uniquely to the selected curves. So basically I just ignore any other picked point. I threw in a dynamic draw of the proposed split points. Anyone have suggestions for improvements, they are of course welcome to grab the ball and run with it from here…

SplitMultiCrvsAtPoints.py (3.2 KB)

Hi @Helvetosaur and @pascal
First of all, thank you very much, Mitch! I’ll test as soon as I get back in front of a computer (I’m in Denmark, so GMT+1). I really envy those of you who can code and appreciate your contributions very much! This might very well replace the default split command in my alias list :grinning: And yes, Pascal - the former is what I meant. It’s simply a question of being able to select a bunch of curves and split them at various points by clicking - instead of eg. doing a bunch of lines, curves or points as helpers.
Again, thanks to both of you!

I added a YouTrack request for constraint to multiple curves…


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