Request: Slab from solid

Please, I don’t know if there is a way, but it would be nice to have a command like this.

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate,

For now, the only way is by creating a Slab Grasshopper Style (Slabs roofs - VisualARQ). I will let you know when we have something similar to a “slab from solid” command.

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Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate why would you need that? even if it was possible to create a slab from a solid, some of the features of the slab object wouldn’t be available for that resulting slab. For example, you wouldn’t be able to change the thickness of it, or modify its contour from control points.

it wouldn’t be possible to assimilate the solid extrusion as the initial thickness?

I think it would be simpler to do holes and carvings in the extrusion instead of the slab

Then I assume you are thinking about converting extrusions into slabs and not solids? because solids could be a sphere, an irregular volume, or a polysurface with many faces. In those cases, it wouldn’t be possible to determine the resulting slab thickness or edit it through control points.

To create holes in slabs there is the vaSlabSubtract command. And for any other subtraction there is the vaSubtractSolids command.

Something we have on our wish list for improving the edition of slabs is to add some grip points for moving the slab edges.

In VisualARQ 3 we have improved the intersection between slabs, so when they meet, one will perform a subtraction on the other one automatically, and they will hide the intersection line when they have coplanar faces:
Slab Intersections 400


cool! is VA 3 beta near?

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Yes, it is. We may publish it in a few weeks.