Request - select by object name - dockable?


It would be great if ‘select by object name’ could be dockable under the layer toolbar so we could keep all our named parts visible and selectable quickly.

Do you think there would be much interest in this as a feature?

Many thanks


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That’s a fantastic idea! It’s widely used in other modeling programs and is proven to be quite handy in large scenes with hundreds and thousands of objects.

On a side note, I found that the “Select by object name” tool behaves a bis strange when there is an object in the scene that has the “?” symbol. For example, if there are objects named “D-5-3”, D-5-7" and “D-5-?”, clicking on the “D-5-?” object in the objects list will actually select every object with similar name where it has a number or letter instead of the “?” symbol. That’s confusing, because it makes it impossible to select just the one object named “D-5-?”. Is it a bug or a “hidden” functinality to select multiple similarly named object at once?

Also, there is no Search bar in the Select by name window that has the ability to filter out parts in a more intelligent way. currently, typing some letter or number will automatically mark the first object whose name starts with the same symbol, but that’s not enough if the user wants to look for an object whose name has, for example, a certain number or letter somewhere in a random part of the name that’s not the first symbol. If I want to select all objects with “5” who include that number but have different overall names, such like “Drill 15 mm”, “Glass 5”, “Hinge_35”, “Wire 5,14”, that’s impossible at the moment (or at least I don’t know if there is a way to do it).

Another functionality would be to have an option to arrange the objects in that list by type (points, curves, surfaces, polysurfaces, meshes, etc).