Wish: Improvements of the "Select by object name" command

  1. It would help a lot to include a live search box in the “Select Name” window, especially for scenes with hundreds or thousands of named objects.

  1. I like that the “Properties” window remembers its custom size and position even after closing and re-opening Rhino. However, the “Select Name” window won’t remember its modified size during the current session. Instead, it always resets to the small default window size upon activating the “Select by object name” command. The default size is way too limited as it shows only 18 lines of object names and quite often the modeler is forced to expand it manually all over again. At 1920x1080 screen resolution that windows could show about 40 lines without overlapping the default docked toolbars behind.

  2. An option for the object names to appear in a true consecutive number order would be also nice. For example, the current implementation takes into account only the initial numbers, hence it arranges object name “Rhino_19” before “Rhino_2”, which is a bit odd to deal with when you have multiple objects named with consecutive numbers. The logic is that a true consecutive order would always prioritize and place “Rhino_2” before “Rhino_19”.

Hello - got that, thanks.




Hi Pascal, glad to see that all 3 of these proposed enhancements are being considered for Rhino 7. Thanks!