Request: Plane Attribute for Objects/Groups

A lot of times I create an object on the construction plane and then orient it into space. If I need to do any edits, I set up construction planes, do the edits, etc. What would be nice is if I could attach a 4 point construction plane to the object (or group) prior to orienting.

I am requesting that:

  1. All new objects are given an attribute Object_CPlane populated with the 4 point plane of the initial construction plane at the time of creation
  2. AttachCurrentCPlaneCoords replaces attribute Object_CPlane with the current CPlane
  3. Rhino Gumball has an additional option: Align to CPlane, Align to Object (Normal), Align to Object CPlane, Align to World
  4. The Group command creates the same attribute attached to the group definition.

I agree that cplanes could definitely be improved. However…

I can see some problems with this, when editing the object/group it may have a tendency to lose association with the attribute. A good example of this is when you join two surfaces from different layers, and you never really know which layer they will end up on.

What I like to do instead of using named cplanes, is create a small plane and use Set Cplane to Object (to the plane). If I need to realign the object or group, the plane comes along for the ride. If I don’t need it, I hide it.

Now, if that cplane could have a named cplane associated with it, that could be a solution? Sort of like a named mobile cplane.

Or, better yet, if cplanes could be treated similar to lights or section planes, i.e. selection, show/hide, group, lock/unlock, assign to layer, etc., that could work as well. In other words, make them behave like objects instead of invisible things that can only be created or destroyed but not really edited.

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Hi Eric- this may not be the whole thing you are asking for but take a look at the MPlane command.