Request - Mesh tools update

Hi , i found sub-object fillter mode very convenient to use with mesh but…
Since when you have heavy geometry it is much easier for rhino/grasshopper a to handle it as mesh , not srf. Viewport also responds much better when you bake everything to mesh. But then it become much harder to edit it. So it would be soooo usefull to add simple polygonal functions to rhino, not advance , but at least selection grow, loops, mesh elements selection, like in t-splines! Mesh elements selection is the most obvious function i think! Please add it in future updates!
Mesh edge snap also could be usefull.
Also there are some bugs with snaping to mesh , you cant snap to selected vertexes when draging it with gumball, grasshoper do not show mesh correctly some times and you need to turn on off nodes to catch the right appearance.
Since rhino 6 came out it becomes my main 3d package , i like it very much!
Thank you in advance!