Request: Make trial license available to older versions of Rhino

Hi, I have read a couple of threads asking about trying older versions of Rhino instead of the current one. This has generally met with the response of “Since older versions are not available for purchase, there’s no reason for an eval.”

I am now in a position where I am looking to show colleagues the software and show them the basics. However the plugins we would be using (such as VisualArq) are not yet compatible with Rhino 8.

The only way then to allow new users to use our current setup and workflow would be to buy a Rhino 8 license and then download Rhino 7. It is a shame not to have the option of trialling on Rhino 7 if that is what we intend to use in the short term.

Is there any way the temporary license can just be changed to also allow the use of Rhino 7??


After you buy Rhino 8 you should be able to request a legacy key for Rhino 7.

See the page Rhino - Downloads (bottom right).

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This has been asked and answered several times, and the answer is no…

Try to find a reseller in your area who would be willing to “loan” you a V7 license for a trial period…

It is unfortunate that VA2 isn’t compatible with V8 and that VA3 is not yet available commercially. That makes an “orphan” plug-in.

Thanks, yes it is unfortunate indeed. Even aside from plugins, sometimes people just aren’t yet ready to make the switch to the newest version of a piece of software.

I don’t really see why it should be a problem to just make the trial license able to work with Rhino 8 plus legacy versions, if that is what consumers may be using. Nevertheless, it is what it is.

Your idea about requesting a loan from a local reseller is a good one and I’ll see if I can try that…

Thanks Nathan, yes I was aware of that, but would mean we would need to first purchase the license instead of being able to trial the software as is possible with Rhino 8.

Since Rhino 8 was only recently released, perhaps you could have a window of time where both trials are still available. I understand the logic that you arent selling 7 any more, however if legacy versions are available for use, (which they have to be!) then people should be able to try the software that the office is using until suchtime as it is replaced by the newer software.

The VisualArq people may be able to handle it from their end. Perhaps they have a pool of V7 licenses to lend out.

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Download evaluation - VisualARQ

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I’m in the same position with my plugin. There are bugs in R8 that prevent me getting my code to function in R8. Until these are sorted by McNeel there is no way for my code to run successfully in R8, no matter how much effort I put in.

But with no R7 trial available Im not able to offer potential new clients who don’t currently own R7 any viable way of testing my plugin.

A trial version of R7 being available until R8 is a viable/stable release seems sensible solution.



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This is a bug, it breaks my code, it changes function from R7 to R8, this is not a problem I can or need to fix at my end.

However until it is fixed my plugin is broken in R8, can I please have R7 available for trial for potential new clients (of both myself and McNeel) until issues like these are sorted.



RH-78581 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 2