FYI: Rhino 8 demo kills Rhino 7 license

Hi devs,

I’ve installed Rhino 8 SR 0, and automatically SR 1.

Now Rhino 7(!) is asking for my Rhino 7 license, what is not nice.



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Hmm, had the opposite happen -

Installed the V8 Eval yesterday because I hadn’t received my NFR key yet. Put the Eval key in my personal license section of the Cloud Zoo, it worked fine.

Received my NFR this morning, so I went into my account, removed the eval key from my personal section and entered my NFR key in the Teams section.

Then started V8 and got a whole series of messages - your eval key has been removed, do you want to continue using Rhino V8 here, etc, got the above “Welcome” panel and had to enter my e-mail address a couple of times, went around several times, finally got to where I had to logout of my Rhino account and log back in again - and then it finally found the NFR license key.

On the other hand, my V7 does not seem to have been affected…

Hi Mitch,

I install my NFR license locally, because I still have some training PCs without permanent internet connection.



Hey Michael,

Me just the opposite, I have no fixed training computers, but I often have to invite some of our apprentices on their laptops to join my NFR team when we do our Rhino class… :smile:

Yes, you are right, I should replace my infrastructure. :wink:

See here as well:

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I lost V7, it seems that it just leaves 1 version alive. Because if you have one version running and want start the other, it says you have the license in use, and need to confirm what you which one do you want to keep… I assume this is something that will be solved soon, right?

Hi Joaquin,

See this other thread, including a workaround: V8 screws up Cloud Zoo - Needs fixing ASAP - #8 by jeremy5

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