Rhino License

Hey everyone, question about the Rhino License, I have a new laptop that need a new license, but I need both Rhino 7 and Rhino 6 on it, the question is > If I buy the license for Rhino 8 (full version for student) can I get license for both rhino 7 and 6 too? thank you!

No, unfortunately you cannot, the legacy license offer with a new full V8 license is limited to one, so you have to choose between 6 or 7. Why do you need both?

ah okay, some of the plugin I need only available for rhino 6 and some on 7,

another question, if I buy rhino 7 license can I get the legacy license for 6 then?

Since V8 is out, I’m not sure that offer still exists for V7 - or if you can find someone still selling V7 licenses even.

ah okayy, thank you so much for answering!