Request Invalid when Trying to view license page in my Rhino Account

Can anyone help me out. I’m trying to view the license page on my Rhino account to add the Bongo license I just purchased but when I click on the license page it says “request invalid”

It looks like you may have created the confusion of two Rhino accounts.
Go to the Rhino Web site and click on the “sign in” or “my account” link.
I think your Rhino account was setup using your gmail address, not this one you’re using here in for forum.
Our servers thinks you are two different people.
With two different account, you are.

Hi John,

I only have one account. Originally I signed up with one email address but I later changed it to the gmail address. My Rhino license and Brazil license are with the gmail email address.

I even tried to sign in with the old email address, the one on this account, and it said there was no account with that address. I changed the email address on this forum account to the gmail one but it still didn’t work

I received the same error message several time earlier today just trying to login to Discourse. Appears to be working now, at least for me.

Hmm, it still isn’t working for me. I’ve been trying for the past 4 hours

Sorry Hernan.

You might try throwing out the cookies, although that is not what solved it for me.

I was wrong. It looks like you’re sorted. I was assuming this was V6 and Cloud Zoo related.
I see your V5 and Bongo license validations. Bongo was validated just under 10 hours ago.
Your Brazil license is still validated against the old edu email address. That will need to be sorted when the office is open.