Request: insert aligned to surface, snapping to point / center

Can we pls have insert with an align option to align the inserted object to a surface, with snapping options (point /center in most cases)?
Right now when trying to insert a block, the OnSrf osnap will not really help much because the block will not get aligned with the surface. The current best way is aligning the CPlane to the surface first then running Insert, but it is tedious and often the surface direction is wrong making the inserted block flip.
I can most likely easily script this but I think that this is quite a basic requirement when inserting nuts, bolts, etc.

Yep, got that - this will kinda work:

! _CPLane _Surface _Pause _Pause _Pause 
_Insert _Pause _Pause _Enter _EnterEnd 
_Cplane _Undo

(type 0 as the insertion point. It can be included if you use _-Insert but then selecting the block is a pain.)

But I got the wish, thanks.
RH-66641 Insert: allow insertion to a point on a surface


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