Aligning screws/objects to other objects

Hi, Is there a way to align objects with the surface of another object so that it is flush? So for example, in the image and file below, is there a way to align the end of the screw head surface with the surface that it is being screwed into.

screw alignment.3dm (8.5 MB)

hi Anna, I am writing to support your question. I too would like to know of a not too painful solution to this alignment question. Seems like a person could align one surface plane to another objects surface plane at least, then position the object in its final placement. I wonder if it could be scriptable? —Mark

this is an interesting little challenge, I too would like to know the method for simply aligning the face of the fixing onto the main surface ? :thinking:

You can use the OrientOnSrf command


Thank you Vikthor,

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