Pasting on the CPLANE

I have to arrange a bunch of identical closed curves on non-planar surface.

I did the following:

  1. Front View.
  2. Draw the shape
  3. Create a block with the origin at the center of the shape.

Then I Shift to perspective view;
4. CPLANE Surface/ Select a point that is on the surface/use default options
5. Insert block to the point.

But the shape turns out oriented orthogonal to the CPLANE (yet it is in the CPLANE of the view when created).

This even happens in the simple case of:

  1. Select Shape
  2. Create Block
  3. Insert Block
    The resulting shape is 90 degrees off the plane.

I have done this with surfaces and they are orients as they started out.

How can i paste shape to the CPLANE?

Use RemapCPlane to re-orient the block after inserting it.

Yep, Create the block in Top and it will map to the current CPlane accordingly when inserted.


I’m puzzled here. I create the block Top view. I create the block from the front view. Either way, when I insert, the curve is normal to the cplane rather than on it. I kept on changing the view and rotating the object 90 degrees until it finally came out in the right position. Not entirely obvious how this is working. I have never had this problem with surfaces.

I’ve tried the RemapCplane command but I cannot figure out what to do from the documentation. The docs suggest I need to select the object>RemapCplan>Click in a view. When I click in a view nothing happens.

The World orienation of the contents of the block when it is made, will be how it is oriented to the CPLane when you insert it.