Block Insert position not respecting Cplane

If I have my units set to CPlane and I insert a block I was expecting the position of the block to respect the cplane rather than the world position. This doesn’t appear to be the case. Granted I’m a very casual user of rhino (Version 5.3.2) so I’m probably doing something wrong. I can get around it by adding a point first and then use “prompt for insertion point”. Is this expected behaviour and/or is there a way around this?


hi, i didnt find any quick solution but i have an idea how you could get it working probably with one short cut or an alias, if you encounter this frequently and need it more often.

you can make a macro for RemapCPlane from the world origin (simply top works for perspective) to your working Cplane which you save as NamedCPlane you have to use a continous name with out space like CPlane_test on mac maybe its different on windows but anyway this works here.

when executing RemapCplane the world origin plane has to be active (maybe save it as a Named that you can switch back and forth) in perspective for example you can enter it then in to the RemapCPlane value box after choosing option Cplane.

to get the macro right you might need some help so if you consider this as an option (try without macro first to see if that is what you need) then i can maybe help you further.

Thanks RichardZ, I’ll give that a shot.