Reproducing an imported surface

Hi everybody,

I’m making some changes on an imported model that has one specially critical surface that I have to refit.

As you can see in the pictures below, The idea is to mantain the original surface intention as much as possible while it’s fitted to a new contour line.

To copy the surface I’m projecting some UV lines onto it and once I’ve rebuilt this lines and replaced their ends I’m adding the outline and patching to finally edit the projected lines cpoints in order to “polish” the patched face with history.

Comparing the result and the original surface with zebra stripes after some intuituve editing unveils that I’m doing something wrong, so if my surface is very similar to what I’m looking for, it will never pass the zebra analysis as the imported one and I won’t get it by manually cpoint moving.

How could I produce a better copy?
What am I missing in this process??

Thank you so much for your time and attention!!

I hope I’ve explained to me well, I’m also attaching some screenshots…

1 - Imported surface

2 - Patch reproduction

3 - Patch editing

4 - Zebra analysis

Hi Jordi - try:

Start Patch, select the new contour, and in Patch select ‘Starting surface’. Choose the good surface as the starting surface (no to delete input) and see of that gets you what you want - you may need to fuss with settings for ‘preserve edges’ and ‘Pull’ so it might take a few tries.


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Big thanks Pascal,

That was just what I was aspiring to.

Although the original surface was built by two trimmed parts and so it was difficult to maintain the tangency between them once both are patched, just patching my flickering surface with your parameters has made it far more fluent and smooth.

Thanks a lot again, you are making an invaluable assistance with this forum.