MatchSrf of a shrinked surface?

Is there a way to match a already shrunk surface as you can see here? Or what would be a good workaround to retain the overall bulge of the surface? Thanks a lot!

Hi Hannes - you want to modify the large surface to be tangent to that edge surface, correct? If untrimming that large surface and retrimming it with the edge of the other does not come close enough, just replace that upper surface: ExtractWireframe, and use that and the edges of the lower surface as input to a new Patch.


@pascal thanks a lot for help me so quickly, as you see i’ve tried my best with your procedure but still get that gap. Do I miss anything? thx H

I tried it this way: created a plane, moved the trimmed wire mesh curves manually to match the plane, and used the plaen as ‘starting surface’ and unchecked ‘tangency" and checked "preserve edges’
this way it would work.

would only take the middle curves and rebuild to 7 edit points and then use the surface edge and those curves to “Patch” the new surface…