Reporting Problems with Grasshopper for Mac

Found a bug?

Great! We'd love to hear about it.

Someone else may have reported the same problem, so please search this forum before reporting anything. In addition, we use an issue tracker (called YouTrack) to track progress on known issues. You can check the Grasshopper for Mac Unresolved issues list too. When in doubt, please report.

Still have something new?

  1. Click the New Topic button at the top of this page.
  2. To include files with your post, at the top of Create a new topic window, click the Upload button .
  3. Write a great bug report:

How to write a great bug report

We want to fix the problems you see, but first we have to duplicate the problem. Writing a great bug report helps us do that. Include as much detail as possible, even if it seems obvious to you. Assume you are the only person having the problem.

A great bug report includes:

  1. Each step you perform to reproduce the problem…even if there is a detail you feel is obvious, it might not be to us. The more detail the better.
  2. What happened after each step.
  3. What you wish happened instead. NOTE: Grasshopper for Mac is based on the Grasshopper for Windows source code. With some exceptions, it ought to behave like (or similar to) Grasshopper for Windows. It would be very helpful to show a side-by-side screenshot of the behavior on Mac and Windows along with a description of what ought to happen.
  4. A definition that demonstrates the problem.
  5. A screenshot of the problem.
  6. A description of your hardware and Rhino version:
    a. Open the About Rhinoceros panel.
    b. Click the More info… button. This opens a new window that displays a description of your computer.
    c. Click the Copy to clipboard button. This copies the information to your clipboard.
    d. Paste the copied computer description into the post.
  7. Does this problem happen with every definition, or just a certain definitions or models? If the problem is with just some definitions, we will need a copy of your definitions to duplicate the problem.

Sending a large file to us

If you have a small file that would help us find a problem, you can attach it to your post in this forum.

If your file is very large:

  1. Go to the McNeel File Upload web page.
  2. Enter your information and use as the recipient address at McNeel, and be verbose in your description of your problem.