Repeatable crash for Grasshopper and Rhino 7 for Mac, on connecting two grasshopper nodes

  1. Start Rhino7 (on Mac, for me: Problem_and_System_Information.txt (169.1 KB))
  2. Choose to create a new empty rhino file
  3. Launch grasshopper
  4. open the attached file: (14.3 KB)
  5. Link the R output of the SDiff node to the G input of the CrvNear node, as indicated in the attached screenshot.

For me, this produces an immediate, reproducible crash. I don’t really know if the correct behavior would be useful or just an error message; I was in the process of figuring out a good approach to finding the piece I want of the difference when I encountered this crash.

Hello - ok on Windows, I’ll fire up the mac.
That works as expected so far on Mac as well.
Do you get a crash report UI from Rhino? If so, please send that; please also run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results.


I got two crash report UIs. One from Rhino, the other I think just from OS X. I thought I submitted the one from Rhino when I first encountered the crash, before I reduced it down to just the grasshopper file so I could attach it. When I was able to get back to working on this crash report, I found that the “send file” in that crash report dialog just caused my browser to open up a page about filing a report which led me here. Thus I couldn’t find any way other than opening this independent post to submit the file.

Here’s the SystemInfo.txt (1.5 KB). The contents of the “Problem and System information” panel in the crash report dialog are already attached to the original message. That seems to be the same information available in the “detail” of the OS X crash report.

I’ll submit the Rhino crash report, attempting to link to this forum topic in its description.

I’ve now submitted that Rhino crash report. As noted above, there might be a duplicate one I submitted earlier, but at least this latest one has a link to this forum post in its description.

Thanks, that should help.


In case its any help, I’ve now reproduced the crash on a different mac. The previous crashes were on my 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro. This latest was on a late-2014 mac mini. I submitted the crash report from this latest crash.

Here’s the MacMiniSystemInfo.txt (5.8 KB)

If I read the system info right, the laptop (which has two graphics processors, one Intel and one Radeon) is using the Radeon, while the mini has only an (older) Intel graphics processor. Since both crash, it seems probable that the problem is independent of the graphics subsystem.

Dunno what’s different about my macs and yours, but maybe this evidence helps eliminate some possibilities.

@frhn3d0 - running 7.1 I see the crash you are describing - I had a later, ‘in-house’ build running earlier, The crash appears to be fixed in 7.2.