Reporting a possible GHPython BUG

I am trying to “pull” some points on to a trimmed surface with ghpython, using _rs.SurfaceClosestPoint_ and _rs.EvaluateSurface_. However it seems that the trimmed surface turns into an untrimmed one and works in the process instead, while the original grasshopper component _SurfaceClosestPoint_ works perfectly fine.

Really confusing. Should’ve been a simple task.

I’m using RHINO 6.7 and GH 1.0.0007 that comes with RHINO.

Thanks for your attention. (57.3 KB)

I don’t see the problem here. If you need the point,s you have the points. If you need the trimmed surface, just get it from original component. the surface UVs on the trimmed and untrimmed will be the same.

This is intentional. All trimmed surfaces carry their untrimmed state in a sense