Replacing values based on index from another list

Hey all! Quick question, how do I replace the values in the top list with the corresponding values in the bottom list based on the index?

Etc. top list 0 to 2 will contain value 0,48,15

replace item

Thank you for your quick reply!

Apologies if I did not structured my question well,

i’m trying to use the values in the top list as the indices for the bottom. Hence the optimal outcome would be

  1. 0,48,15
  2. 0,48,15
  3. 0,48,15
  4. 162,252,39
  5. 10,53,0
  6. 162,252,39
  7. 10,53,0
  8. 162,252,39
  9. 162,252,39
    so on and forth…

Inserted item & culled of the existing one

I think you can also List Item connected like this:

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this method cant work as it isnt a pattern,for example the outcome I’m trying to see for your definition would be


Thank you for your time and effort on this!

Oh wow, just tested, this works!

Cant believe it was such a simple solution for something i thought hard for so many hours.

Thank you!