RenderWindow doesn't follow the general settings

I just finished rendering large image that took me ca. 10 hrs.
Then I needed to adjust one thing and I wanted to fix it by rendering a patch of an image and overlap in in a graphic software.
The two problems I had were:

  1. There were no object outlines on a RW image, they were on a full image
  2. RW doesn’t offer saving which takes me back to rendering the full image

RenderWindow is used for previewing parts rendered into the viewport. If you want to save afterwards use RenderInWindow instead.

Thanks! Those things aren’t so obvious and easy to find.

I know. I have not used them myself, I always get confused between RenderWindow and RenderInWindow when I have to - mainly when fixing bugs.

Srf edges are ticked but not present at the image.

I don’t know why the extra parts aren’t showing. It is something that is not done by Rhino Render (Cycles), but rather by other parts of Rhino.

@johnc do you know if the RDK is responsible for showing the wireframes? I know I add the wireframe channel to the renderwindow when the render is started. Is there maybe some different handling going on for RenderInWindow?

It also didn’t add the wireframe at the end of the process which I was, secretly hoped, is going to happen.

That is something handled by the render window or the RDK. Rhino Render only tells the render window that the wireframe channels are needed.

Hi @Piotr,

This is a bug in Rhino, specifically in the RDK. When RenderWindow and RenderInWindow are run, the RDK does not produce the wireframe data for the post effects to use. It’s an oversight. I will file a bug and try to get it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.



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Glad, I could be of help.
Looking forward to seeing it fixed.

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RH-67382 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 19