Will the renderwindow bug be fixed for SR9?


I haven’t seen any request for a bug fix here, but it should be reported per the chaosgroup team. Will the renderwindow bug (only the viewport resolution is be used, not the render output size anymore) be fixed for SR9? I hope so, it’s often missed here.


This is the first time I’ve heard about this. Is this happening in RhinoRender?


First for me it’s a problem per VfR. My last answer from the chaosgroup at bug report case (10125) was, that it is a Rhino problem. I use the command _renderinwindow

Per Rhino renderer only the selected window is rendered, not the window at the full render output.

Could be great to get a fix for SR9.

RenderWindow has always worked this way. It’s not a bug.

VRay could very easily implement their own command which does exactly what you need. Brazil does this with RenderBlowup

  • Andy

In the past I selected an area at the viewport and this selected area was rerendered at the frame buffer. It was working since years. Now, not the output resolution is usedanymore, only the viewport resolution. Something has be changed. How do I get the functionality like I used it since years?

If I render the image once and start the command, than the right output size is used. The bug happens only if it is the first rendering at the session.