Rendering with Flamingo PNGs

This page would seem to indicate that I can save a rendering as a PNG. I have the most current Rhino and Flamingo versions. The default rendered image is a jpeg.

I have checked options and settings and cannot figure out where/ how to make it render pngs instead. Does anyone else know?

At the time you stop the rendering and save it, you can choose PNG from the file type drop-down list on the bottom of the file dialog:

I was looking in all the wrong places and the solution was quite simple. The screen capture helped. I feel silly. Thanks for your help.

Don’t feel silly. Quite often I find the design of both Windows and OSX display elements to be far less than as intuitive as they should be.

I have changed it to render as a .png, but it lacks the transparent background. I have tried enabling alpha render channel, thinking that’s some kind of ‘mask’ but it still has the white background of the .png. Is there something else I should be doing in the settings to make it put out a transparent background or is this what the result will always be?

There should be a ‘Save’, and also a ‘Save with background alpha channel’ in the menu under the save/disk icon.