Camera clipping plane Option in Rhino

we have an option in Max camera setting to adjust the NEAR AND FAR CLIPPING PLAN for Camera that is so useful setting for rendering in tight space! I want to know have Rhino this Option? Or how we can set the camera for Tight space as it doing with clipping plane option in Max??


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Could any one help me??!!:expressionless:

I don’t think we have that option in Rhino.

The closest you’re going to get is the ‘ClippingPlane’ command. But if you’re using Vray then I’m pretty sure it doesn’t support this command unfortunately.

The only other way is to manually trim back all your surfaces.

Not very helpful, I know!

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hmmm…Yah, But I think the Rhino Must have a way for that…!
Because in Vray camera Setting we haven`t this important Option!!
and cutting some surface may destroyed the invironment light!!

Yes, it’ll destroy your environment light and will cause big problems if you have any mirrors in your room too.

The only thing you can do with reference to the environment light is to add a box around your room. Then give that box a material that has ‘only in secondary’ checked. This will bounce the light back into the room but won’t be visible to camera.

Unfortunately there are lots of things missing in Vray for Rhino compared with 3dsMax…

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Helpful respond!
Thanks :slightly_smiling:
And are you Sure that There isn`t any_ complementary plugins_ for promoting the Vray for Rhino yet?

There could possibly be some plugins on ?

I’m waiting for Vray-for-Rhino3 to be released. Hopefully it’ll will be much better than version2. Fingers crossed.

Thanks Dear mcvltd :slight_smile:

If what you want is to place the camera outside the room but still get the effect of the wall that is in the way, what I do is make that wall (or ceiling if you are looking from above) a two sided material in vray, one being full transparent and one opaque.
This will preserve reflections of the wall (if you have mirrors in the room) shadows etc.


Good Idea! I must Test it!! :smirk:


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Thanks Juan, never thought of that. That’s a great tip.

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