Rendering cut sections in rhino

Hey! I wanna do more rendered cut-sections but unfortunatly clippingplanes doesnt apply to vray render. How do you do a nice cut-render with rhino?

What I have been doing so far is to split and do bolean differences but its quite timeconsuming then go back to the saved file.

ANy suggestions?

Yes clipping planes are not supported from V-Ray.

In fact this make some sense: let’s think about interior, what happen if you cut a building in half?
The interior light it’s affected from the light coming from the open side, and this makes the rendering completely wrong.

The solution it’s to use the 2sided material to close the hole and be able to see inside
Did you know how do this?

Brazil can do this.

The dynamic displayplugin by asuni could do it, but you need to know:

“Would it be possible to render Dynamic Display results ?
Currently Dynamic Display it’s only a display trick. If you want to obtain clipped meshes use ddExtractMesh command.”