Rendering Referenced/Linked Blocks

Im working with a pretty large file, with the main part of the work being a facade treatment. To expedite my modeling I’ve extracted all the parts of the model I won’t be using and referenced them back in as linked blocks.

However, in going back to the master file for rendering, the simple textures I had applied are no longer showing in the output - its basic vray/rhino clay material.

Im wondering if anyone can explain the best practice for achieving a full rendering using referenced files?
Many thanks.

How are your materials applied? I have never had problems with linked blocks when applying materials to layers within the referenced file.

Also, just in case, have block definition type set to Link, with layer style as reference.

I always apply material by layer. I’m going to go back and double check my setup… potentially may have just made a properties error while building the model.

That being said - I’m still interested to hear if anyone has their personal best practice for reference multiple files in one.


Did you see my edit? Perhaps the Layer Style of the inserted blocks affected this?

Seems like I got it to start working as expected. I assume I hadn’t updated the proper material or something along those lines. Either way, all is good now - thanks for the advice ben.