Block materials don't work

Hi guys,

trying to make some interior renderings with the rather great new ray-tracer. It’s not working! every time I click out of the block the material switches . Please see video.

any hot tips friends?

Hi Aaron - I cannot get to that clip, so far - are you doing in V6 what works fine in V5?


yes , works in v5 but not v6… here is the clip:

Oi… sorry, still no go with that clip - I can see it, but it is all messy with green screen every few frames, it just flashes - can’t tell what you’re doing - can we fall back on description…?


try to watch it one more time. It’s really a “worth a 1,000 words” situation.

Pascal, that clip showed fine here. I downloaded and attach it here and hope that works better for you…

Great, thanks, Wim, this one works fine… odd. @ATH, I’ll check it out.


thanks, I wonder what I was doing wrong?

Hi Aaron - if possible, can you send me a file that shows the problem? including materials and enugh linked blocks if any to see it happen… thanks.
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