Vray Material in linked model isnt showing in Parents model (showing some materials only)

Hi there, I am working with a model which have linked children model as blocks. In the linked model the materials are showing perfectly fine. But after I updated the block definition in the parent model and rendered, the material is not showing. Note that I did not use any rhino materials in both host and link models. All materials are from the vray library.

The above image is the rendering in the children model. The second image is the a rendering in the parents model. Only the a part of the facade is showing the materials and I have no clue why is that happening. Cheers for any help!! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Update V-Ray

@Nikolay I have updated to the latest V-ray next but the problem is still there, also I found that vrays lights are not visible in the host file as well. I wonder if this is a bug since some materials are visible.

V-Ray materials create Rhino materials down the road, so you are using “custom” Rhino materials in the end. Here is an example having a linked file with a V-Ray material in it, that clearly renders correctly from the parent. the material is from the library and you may need to relocate some files/textures.
The files were created with version 4.10.02.

parent-child.zip (62.5 KB)

Mind that currently only materials can be rendered from linked files. Any proxies, furs, clippers, lights, etc are not yet supported.

Please try to open and verify that we all see the same thing. If you still have a problem, try to reproduce it with a simpler scene - only boxes or spheres, then send us the files for investigation.