Rendering Power

I am using raytraced mode and capturing viewport to file. The settings I have are 8in x 12in at 300 dpi with 2000 passes and the cycles are set to 0 ms throttle. I have been watching the GPU usage and the CPU usage with task manager and both are fine. The GPU uses less than 10% utilization and the CPU uses less than 30% utilization. My computer specs are as follows:
CPU - Intel i7
GPU - UHD Graphics 630 and NVIDEA GeForce GTX 1060

The rendering takes a while but I’m wondering if there is a way to use more power for the render, whether it’s in the settings somewhere in Rhino or if it would be something else.

You need to switch the GPU tracking to show CUDA: Task Manager > Performance. Click on the left your Nvidia GPU. Then in the right panel under the GPU header click 3D and select CUDA. That should tell you the actual utilization during Raytraced.

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Thank you Nathan.

Ah, thank you. I was wondering if there was a setting that I could set to utilize the GPU better but I see now that I am using it to the max with the setting I already have.