Rhino 7 Render works in bursts

I’ve been trying to use the the Rhino 7 renderer (not just the Raytraced viewport) and it seems like it renders in fits and spurts.

I’m rendering at 1920x1080 and good quality (500 cycles). The cycles numbers down in the bottom left corner pause every second or so.

When I watch my system resources, it doesn’t appear that my video card is being utilized at all (2-3%), and honestly my CPU is only getting tapped around 10%.

Is this normal behavior?

SystemInfo.txt (2.3 KB)


  • Mike

If you use the task manager to check GPU usage make sure you set the graph to Compute.

I’m going to guess that you’re seeing throttling of your GPU, since it is a Max-Q model.

Do you mean like this?

I didn’t see any activity under Compute_0 or Compute _1 either.


Not sure why you wouldn’t see higher usage. Is your NVidia GPU set to performance in its system settings?

Maybe it’s just something in my task manager. When I run my MSI Dragon Center, it shows by GPU running 60-90% while raytracing.

However, when I run the Render command, it fluctuates wildly from 08 - 99%! Why does it run smoothly with the Raytraced viewport but staggers inside Rhino Render?

I did make some changes in a newer version of Rhino 7 that should alleviate the problem somewhat. The version you have updates the render window for the _Render command on every pass. Newer version will do only once every second.

The problem isn’t Cycles itself, but rather the systems that sit between it and the render window that cause high CPU usage.

Having both GPU and CPU work under full load will generally throttle laptops, and this may execarbate the effect.

Could you please try this version instead to see if it helps?


Hey Nathan, Thanks!

I installed the newer version and that made a real difference! The rendering processes much more smoothly and consistently and my GPU seems to get used consistently (50-99%) and doesn’t drop off every second or so.

That is great to hear!

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