Rendering not saving

Je débute avec la version d’essaie.
Est-ce normal que les rendus ne soient pas enregistrés?

Hi Phil - you’ll have to provide a bit more information here.
What are you doing and what, exactly, isn’t working?

Hello Wim and thank you for your reply. I make photomontages of 3d modules which I import from photoshop (in .obj). So far, it is a friend who took care of 3d (on rhino) and it works very well. I wanted to try and for that, I downloaded the trial version of rhino6. The problem: when I saved (en.obj) my object and I import it into Photoshop,
the volume rendering does not appear! there is just a black figure at best, or nothing at all, at worst. So I wanted to know if it was due to a limitation of the trial version or if it is something I am not doing well! Thank you, hoping to have been clear!


So, an OBJ is imported, right? You could check the OBJ by importing it to a new Rhino task too. But maybe something isn’t right with the OBJ.

Are the surface normals right (test per _dir)?

Is something wrong with the OBJ material? (If you open the exported OBJ to a new Rhino task again you could see the material of the OBJ.

Maybe you need adjust some OBJ export parameters.