Rendering mirror reflection

I’m wondering how to render scene, where the camera is facing a mirror (in bathroom for ex.).
In old version of V-ray, there was some material options to choose like “Only in secondary”. Then the material wasn’t rendering but, as a reflection in the mirror it was. Then the camera could be behind a surface (ex. tiles on the wall), and the wall wasn’t visible on render, but it was visible in the mirror.
I hope I explained it well…
Do you guys know, how to get it in V-ray Next?


If I understand correctly you need to achieve this effect:

In that case you need to add a RayTrace Properties attribute to the material, and uncheck “Visible to Camera”

Yes! :star_struck:
Thank you! I was looking for this option in the new V-ray like for ever! I didn’t even know HOW to look for it, bcos I only knew the ‘secondary’ option from old V-ray version.
Thank you, thank you! :smiley:

There is also a second way. Use a clipping plane in “include” mode and only preselected objects are hidden. Advantage - only one material is needed independent from the visibility and you can easy switch off/on the visibility of all wanted objects per enabling/disabling the clipping plane. Very good for complex scenes where a lot of objects with different materials are visible and invisible.

Well, it’s cool to do some intersects, but it doesn’t make the elements (hidden behind the plane) to render in the mirror. So Nikolays method is better for me, for the mirror issue.
But thank you, the Clipping Plane is cool option too in other cases :+1:

I forget to say you need to move the clipping plane far away in front of your scene, so that the complete scene is in the clipping range. So, nothing is intersected, the preselected objects are complete invisible like by Nikolays method, but you don’t need to set special invisible materials. The “include” mode makes that only all preselected objects are clipped/invisible. It’s a trick most people oversee - the clipping plane for hiding sets of complete objects.

I think I understand what you mean but I don’t know how to actually make it. Can you explain it step by step please? I think it might be easier to use :slightly_smiling_face:

Here an example. The whole scene is placed behind the clipping plane and normally anything would be clipped away. At the Clipping-plane V-Ray options I set the mode to “include” and picked the objects which should be invisible only (per button “Pick Objects”). So, the wall, the bed lights and the red/blue parts are defined as included and only this objects are clipped.