Rendering Many Objects with Different Colors Assigned

Rhino has some really good scripts for assigning colors to many objects, is it possible to have an option when using Rendered and Raytraced to use the underlying assigned object color with a material?

Example: Using the script for assigning colors I’ve done it here, displaying in shaded mode:

Here’s a Rendered mode workaround. As a workaround to allow color to be shown in Rendered mode I used [SetObjectDisplayMode] for the colors to “Shaded” and tweak Isocurve display.

Here’s Raytraced mode with default plastic material assigned. Is it possible to have an option to use the underlying assigned object color for the material color assignment so that scripts like above are most useful and efficient?

Maybe I’m missing a checkbox or something that already exists that allows this to happen.


there is a script to assign random colors and material colors, it allows to set from specific colors, gradients, range, to random. quite useful:

randomcolors script.txt (12.3 KB)

I haven’t used that particular script which looks great, I still think there’s a gap that I see between assigning an object color through a script and having an option to use/adapt that assigned color with a material, whether its glass, plastic or paint etc…


Hi - I’m not sure what exactly you are after…
Does the _SynchronizeRenderColors command do what you want?

Hey Wim, that’s great, hadn’t seen that command before.

What if I wanted to assign, let’s say 30 objects, each with a different colors to a paint or plastic material, without having to manually customize it, can I group and assign it to a base material like a “paint” or “plastic”?