Rendering problems

Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and really hope someone can help me :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been having rendering issues since the newest update, I’m now running Version 7 SR5 (7.5.21100.3001, 2021-04-10).

When I try to make new materials to add they usually go black and are not displayed properly. Once in a while they seem to randomly work for me, but when I go over to the rhino render window the bump texture does not show up in the rendering at all, or the rendering simply fails to start altogether. (I render jewelry that I design, and using the grit texture in XXXS is very important to my pieces as it adds a bit more realism to matte gold). All this is happening while in GPU rendering.

I have tried to switch to CPU rendering, which eliminates the bump texture problems, textures do show up but the renderings are extremely slow. Any advice? Thanks for your time! Krystal

You could update to 7.6 service release candidate (Help > Check for updates…, set update frequency to service release candidate, and click Check Now…). There have been some fixes to mappings and rendering.

I was expecting to find a new update beyond Version 7 SR6 (7.6.21103.13001, 2021-04-13) yesterday, but it seems it got stuck in a cable somewhere? :wink:

// Rolf

Service Release Candidates are usually released to the “public” on Tuesdays. 13 April was last Tuesday. 20 April is in the future unless you are in a different universe. :wink:

I didn’t know that being some kind of universal knowledge. :wink:

// Rolf

You mean you don’t read eveything I post? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Latest version - Service Release and Service Release Candidate One of the McNeel folks posted the information about the schedule for SR’s and SRC’s several months ago.

Mm… I’m doing some modelling and programming too… :wink:

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… and a wife and…

Lets blame her. I’ll tell her that she’s an excuse. :smiley:

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Thanks for the advice :smiley: that seems to have fixed it for me, it’s now working as normal.