Rendering Carpet with a Maxwell plugin

Hi All,

I have recently downloaded the new Maxwell Render plugin for Rhino 6 and I wanted to know if there was anyway of creating realistic carpets/ rugs within Maxwell or Rhino. Its more the 3d geometry rather than the texture mapping.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

I don’t know if Maxwell has anything special for this but in general carpets with strands like a shag rug would be done with particle simulation. Essentially this is hair so any app that also creates and renders models with hair on them would be best for this. Rhino is not that app though, it’s more commonly a feature found in animation programs. However, depending on the style of carpet you want to render you may be able to use a slight render mesh displacement combined with a texture map in the assigned material to stay in Rhino.

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Hi @coventry329
Are you talking about a) the hair/fibres or b) how the material folds/falls? If “a” - and you insist on using Maxwell - take a look here or take a look at either Keyshot, Vray or Blender (and probably others as well) which have hair/fur build in. If you are looking for “b”, simulating cloth defomations and similar, take a look at Grasshopper in Rhino or maybe Blender.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for this. I see the Maxwell plugin has no compatible hair creator with rhino. I believe I read somewhere that there was such a plugin on rhino 5. Is there any talk of getting that on the latest rhino and max plugin?

Thanks in advance!

info on the v5 plugin?

There was one called Rhinohair, (RhinoHair plugin), which was rather slow due to the large amount of surfaces. Another one was FURGEN?