Rendering and horizon lines

Spent the day trying to figure this out:

I want the horizon line to be moved to the bottom of this drawing so does that require just a simple plane to be built on the back?

I want to have a ground plane reflection without the environment reflection but reflection of the objects, I noticed it is possible if I don’t set an HDRI but I need the HDRI to have a realistic reflection on the metal parts of my objects; is this possible?

Lastly, I am looking to do something like:

Hello - The horizon line will depend upon the camera viewing angle and elevation… You can set a reflective environment separately from the lighting one in the Rendering panel, but if your reflective objects depend on a relatively active environment then that might not help. Post a simple file if you like.


Stool.IGS (1.1 MB)

Hello - just a quick try but, something along these lines?

Rendered viewport:


@brittanykaydesign - my file attached - maybe the setup will be of some use.

Stool_PGTest.3dm (812.2 KB)



@pascal now Im wondering why the decals keep going on and off.

Hello - can you post that file? Make sure when you save that it’s saving the textures. (-Save command > SaveTextures=Yes)


Model KD200.3dm (10.3 MB)
Its like setting the ground plane with the reflection makes it choose. Because when I opened the file this morning to work on it only the object had the decals and not the reflection.

Don’t mean to be super annoying,
Ive been a rhino user since 2012 and had heavily used solidworks at my last job but at my new gig im using rhino and I am trying to create really great images for a product catalog and clients.