Rendering advice ? (Noise texture)


I am new to Rhino Rendering
How do I get these models to look like the finished sculpture ?

I am focusing on the random, “soft” bumps in the finished surface, that is not really a texture, but more of a feature in the surface itself.

The fine grain texture could be something like sand.

Could I add random bumps to the surface with some noise ?

I made something useable in ZBrush (Black screenshot)
they have a very nice Noise- surface sculpting feature, but if I could do the same in Rhino, it would be awesome.

I tried Noise texture in RH 8, but that just made the geometry in multipipe object look like something like a plumbers nightmare :rofl:.

Thanks !

This is how noise texture looks like in RH8 for mac…

I would not use that displacement modifier, but rather use a pbr displacement. It looks like the displacement modifier in Rhino is converting the subd into a polysurface, rather than using the underlying mesh. This might be possible to tune up.

In any case, if you want to use displacement, you need a fine mesh to start with. Triremesh in gh can help.

See if attached file with material get you in the right direction:

textured-surface.3dm (5.0 MB)

Super ! thankyou !
Yes offcourse, In Zbrush I first make it into Superfine Dynamesh…

played with it a bit more, see attached

textured-surface2.3dm (5.3 MB)

Thankyou. Im trying to run a displacement task, but it takes forever to complete ?
(Mac Mini Intel i7 with external eGPU: Radeon Pro 580)

Is that Rhino displacement or pbr?

Maybe this is a better option then, leave out the displacement and do it with the 4d noise component in gh: (13.0 KB)

@ohlers I don’t see your file with the object Properties displacement in this thread. If you still need help with why it looks wrong or takes a long time, please post it or supply a sample that shows the same issue and I will take a look. I bet the settings and/or object render mesh need adjustment.

Im sorry not to reply just yet - Im in the middle of preparing proposals for a competition. I will be back soon !